Lovidhu is a collection of exploratory and accurate facts about travel, history and culture, and science.


Since 2007 we have had to gather factual information. The main reason for this was the inability to find accurate information about the places we visited. We have visited and taken information from the right people and verified the true nature of that information by professors, lecturers, and environmentalists, and presented it to you.

Lovidhu has rebranded several times. It made a great contribution to the preservation of society and nature as it was formerly known as Ex Guide Travel Magazine.

We made a huge contribution at the time to the fight against deforestation. At that time large-scale deforestation was taking place in Sri Lanka. The then rulers also cleared the Wilpattu National Park, the Dumbara Valley, and the Sinharaja Forest, a World Heritage Site.

Lovidhu brings you closer to the stories that are important to you. Lovidhu captivates and entertains a global community through website, travel expeditions, books, maps, consumer products, location-based entertainment and experiences, and some of the world's most engaging digital and social media platforms, using the best scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers from all over the world. Lovidhu reinvests 21% of profits to support the Lovidhu Society's conservation and education efforts.


Our team is made up of people from different regions of the world and a valuable collection of multiple classifications. We seek further knowledge through the ideas, advice, and discoveries of a panel of professors, scientists, photographers, journalists, environmentalists, trainers, and scholars from that diverse group to further color our stories.


The Lovidhu Society is a non-profit organization in Sri Lanka dedicated to exploring and protecting our homeland. Every year, we fund hundreds of research and conservation projects throughout Sri Lanka and inspire future generations through our education initiatives and resources. Visit lovidhu.com for more information.