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Kuragala Ancient Buddhist Monastery
Kuragala Ancient Buddhist Monastery known as Kuragala Rajamaha Viharaya, which has a proud history of over 2200 years, is the oldest cave temple complex in the Sabaragamuwa Province.
Ways to Responsible Travel
You've probably heard of responsible travel, but do you know what it entails or what to think about before embarking on a responsible travel adventure? Let's have a look.
What is a Travel Bubble?
The Travel Bubble, also known as the Travel Corridor and Corona Corridor, is an exclusive cooperation between two or more nations that has had tremendous success in confining and battling the COVID-19...
Manigala is another spectacular mountain in the Dumbara Valley, and its ridge is 1,104 meters high. It is considered one of the most vulnerable sites for biodiversity.
Yapahuwa was one such kingdom in the 13th century, and it is an old rocky town that briefly served as the island's capital. The Yapahuwa Kingdom is Sri Lanka's fourth kingdom.
Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha Statue
The Bahirawakanda Buddha statue is housed at the Sri Maha Bodhi Temple, which is located on top of Bahirawakanda Mountain. This exquisitely carved white statue, which depicts the Supreme Buddha seated...
Kabaragala is the highest peak in the Dolosbage Range, is about 1,506 m (4,941 ft) high. Kabaragala mountaineering is one of the most popular mountaineering in Sri Lanka. This mountain range is locate...
Pitawala Pathana
Pitawala Pathana in Rivrston is an uncommon form of Grassland (Pathana) that can only be found in Sri Lanka. Pitawala Pathana is a major gateway to the Knuckles Mountain Range. It is the Knuckles Rese...
Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)
Raxagala is also known as Kinihira Kanda which is the second-highest peak in the Dolosbage range. Raxagala Mountain stands at 1.438 meters (4,718 feet) in height.
Devil's Staircase
Devil's Staircase is a secret gem located on the Ohiya-Kalupahana route. This popular route is a 14-kilometer-long trail of sharp zig-zag twists that are incredibly steep and challenging to travel, bu...
Madulsima, stay on the clouds in the scenic mountain in Madulsima Mini World’s End, which is also known as Pitamaruwa Mini World’s End lies in Roeberry Estate in Madulsima.
Little Adam's Peak
Little Adam's peak is shaped similarly to the Holy Mountain Sri Pada's "Maha Giri Damba." This mountain is made up of three mountains of the same size and the entire area is surrounded by a green isla...
Nine Arches Bridge
The Nine Arches Bridge, also known as the Bridge in the Sky, is a viaduct bridge that connects the Demodara and Ella railway stations in Gotuwala. A trip to Ella would be incomplete if you did not see...
Sinharaja Forest Reserve
Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a forest reserve in Sri Lanka that is also a biodiversity hotspot. It has international significance and has been designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and World Heri...
Diyavini Ella Falls
Diyawini Falls is about 60 m (197 ft) high and is a tributary of the Diyavini River, which lies in the village of Diyawinna in the town of Balangoda in the Ratnapura District.
Delta Falls
Delta Falls is 50 m (164 ft) high and has six streams that run through shrubs down a rock-strewn hill. Its headwaters are tributaries of the Kotmale River.
Dunhinda Falls
Dunhinda Falls is 64 m (210 ft) tall, and it lies about 5 km (3.1 mi) from Badulla in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The waterfalls are said to be among the most beautiful in the country.
Madanagiri Ella Falls
Madanagiri Ella Falls is 68 m (223 ft) tall and is also known as the Mohini Ella Falls because villagers believe a female apparition known as Mohini haunts the area. The waterfall is in the Ratnapura ...
Beruwatte Ella Falls
Beruwatte Ella Falls, which stands 50 m (164 ft) tall and is surrounded by tea plantations and a plethora of mountainous flora and fauna, is formed by the confluence of several brooks that originate o...
Alupola Ella Falls
Alupola Ella Falls is 60 m (197 ft) high, and the name is derived from a nearby tea estate. It is served by a brook that begins at Kalugaldova on the southern slope of the Bathurugala Mountain, which ...
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