An adventure is a thrilling event that is usually daring, hazardous, or time-consuming. Adventures can include activities such as exploring, traveling, mountain climbing, skydiving, river rafting, scuba diving, or partaking in extreme sports. Adventures are frequently done to generate psychological stimulation or to achieve a larger purpose, such as the pursuit of information that can only be gained in a hazardous manner. Adventure generates psychological arousal, which can be negative (e.g., anxiety) or positive (e.g., excitement) (e.g. flow). Adventures may become a big pursuit in and of itself for some people. Expert opinions and accurate information on all adventure sports, activities, and events are presented.

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Surfing: Surfers will ride the waves wherever they break.
Surfing is commonly linked with warm ocean beaches, such as those found in the United States states of Hawaii and California, as well as nations like Australia.
Rock climbing from an ancient practice to an Olympic sport
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