Nil Diya Pokuna
Nil Diya Pokuna
Photograph by Palitha Weerawansa

Nil Diya Pokuna Cave - Karandagolla, Ella, Sri Lanka

Karandagolla Cave also called Nil Diya Pokuna (Blue Water Pond ), lies in Karandagolla, near Ella, Sri Lanka.

BY Palitha Weerawansa

According to legend, the state was ruled by an unrivaled king for over 5000 years. Sri Lankeshwara Maha Ravana. He was an expert in a very sort of field. He was an incredible warrior.

In 2013, travelers were enthralled by a legendary giveaway Karandagolla, Ella. In 2017, I contacted the sole guide who knew about the Karandagolla cave, Meththananda, and told him that I might accompany him. Could you please drive me to Nil Diya Pokuna? He was fine. I planned the final word trip that I used to be wanting to take.

I visited Ella and caught the Ella – Wallawaya bus to Karandagolla. During the 12km bus ride, I used to be able to soak up the breathtaking mountain scenery. I descended from Karandagolla. Meththananda Aiya arrived on his motorcycle to select me up. I crossed the road and hopped on my bike. it was a tiny low road that led to the highest of the Hill. He came to a stop at a house after a few 3km rides. I noticed a little bus with some people thereon. I realize I'm not the sole one who visits the Karandagolla cave today.

Everyone is prepared. We began our journey into the forest. It was a 500 m long footpath. There was a wooden pallet and an unattached iron grill gate, and therefore the hole was about four feet wide. everyone seems to be wearing a headlamp. Within the group, I heard my name called. Meththananda Aiya summoned me to descend into the cave first. after I got near the cave entrance, he gave me the instructions. There was a slender rope leading into the cave opening. it was a small amount difficult to place my foot on the iron ladder.

I descended and made my thanks to the cave's floor. I sat down on the bottom and smelled bats and bat poo everywhere. Moving forward wasn't a controversy on my behalf of me.

The natural great thing about caves is shrouded darkly. It's black all around. I had three lamps and two cameras with me. I take a step back to form room for others who are descending. Meththananda Aiya took the initiative. because of the person, I followed him.

The cave is quite 300 meters underground. Trekking is risky. The cave walls are manufactured from wet rocks that may break at any time. On the way, we were warned to not touch any walls. I used to be having a conversation with Meththananda Aiya. He was gracious enough to answer every question I posed. he's an expert on the Karandagolla cave and therefore the legend of King Ravana.

Climb many rocks while using the slippery mod and spending through tiny paths between two rocks. Finally, we found a location that I had been desirous to visit for several years. After everyone arrived and gave me a transparent picture of the pond from their headlamps, I spotted that my lamps were small stars within the sky, not enough to work out the complete scene. It's crystal clear, and that I can see the underside in very few places. I went down and took some cold, pure water into my hand.

Members of the group began taking pictures of the pond. a number of the participants swam across the pond. I came to determine the pond, to not detract from its beauty. I spoke with Meththananda Aiya and learned a touch bit about the history.

I had a matter about the pond's bottom. Divers have entered the pond.

We spent quite an hour returning to the bottom. Return to the cave to exit. a number of the areas felt like chambers to me.

Nil Diya Pokuna Cave - Karandagolla, Ella, Sri Lanka
Photograph by Palitha Weerawansa

I wouldn't even consider leaving the cave without Meththananda Aiya and also the other two guides. Finally, after failing to search out how, I received the exit and commenced to climb up.

It was a dangerous adventure, and it was all due to Meththananda Aiya. For us, Nil Diya Pokuna could be a world heritage site. Please protect the pond if you propose to go to it. Swimming isn't advised, and therefore the cave's entrance isn't an appropriate location for camping. Please help to preserve the Karandagolla cave for future generations.

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