Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)

Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)

Raxagala is also known as Kinihira Kanda which is the second-highest peak in the Dolosbage range. Raxagala Mountain stands at 1.438 meters (4,718 feet) in height.

BY Palitha Weerawansa
PUBLISHED ON May 14, 2021 | LAST MODIFIED ON July 16, 2021

Who wants to spend a night in a tent at a location with a history that is completely hidden during the day? This challenge can only be taken by adventurers. It's one of Dolosbage's most recognizable peaks. Dolosbage is a village in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka's Central Province. The Raxagala and Kabaragala rocks are the village's most prominent features.

Locals call it Kinihira Kanda, Paththini Amma Kanda is another name, and Wangedi Molgas Gala calls it that because of its shape.

How to get to Raxagala

You can get to Dolosbage from Mawanella by going via Bulathkohupitiya, or from Colombo by going via Nawalapitiya. You will then reach Raxawa, a small village where Raxawa Estate is situated. From there, there are two paths to Raxagala: one on the left is a clear root near the tea estate's side., and the other, which goes via the tea farm, is a little more challenging. In both directions, you could hike along the tea estate's side, where there is a rock with an arrow drawing pointing the way.

Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)

After that, the true adventure begins as you reach the jungle. There are a few root marks from a previous traveler that you can trust and pursue before you reach the summit.

Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)

Route to Raxagala

Best time to visit the Raxagala

If you visit between January and March, the hike would be less rainy.

How long does it take to hike Raxagala?

Approximately it will take about 2 hours to climb up.

History of Raxagala

Ravana is included in many of the mountains' legends. This particular mountain has a niche. According to legend, Ravana's weapons factory was located on Raxagala Peak. The villagers claim that a fire that broke out one day in the past set fire to the iron plant. The ashes were swept away to a village below after the eruption. The village was later called Alugolla, according to legend.

Going up this rock, as well as the stone steps along the way, gives the impression that this location has a lot of history. The placement of these stones, as well as their colors, create a stunning scene.

Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)

According to archaeologists, the name Raxagala came from the fact that Raksha tribes were worshiped in this area, but they are still gathering evidence before drawing any conclusions about the Raksha tribes' location.

Raxagala (Kinihira Kanda)

Learn before you go Raxagala

Since the terrain may be challenging, strong hiking boots and warm clothing are advised, as the temperature can drop suddenly.

In case of heavy downpours in Raxagala, it's also a smart idea to bring a raincoat or other waterproof clothing.

It would be necessary to have a good hiking guide because it is very easy to get lost on the trail.

If you are visiting for the first time, a local guide is recommended.

Especially: Plastic and polythene should be avoided.

We have compiled all of the necessary details about Raxagala for you here.

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