Sembuwaththa Lake view
Sembuwaththa Lake view
Photograph by Palitha Weerawansa

Sembuwatta Lake

Sembuwatta Lake is a man-made body of water formed from natural spring water near the Campbell's Lane Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka's Matale District.

BY Palitha Weerawansa
PUBLISHED ON November 27, 2017 | LAST MODIFIED ON September 16, 2021

The vast expanse of deep blue waters, complete with misty mountains and tea gardens, creates an atmospheric scene and is the ideal place to lose yourself in your thoughts and imagine the amazing things you've seen on your travels through Sri Lanka.

Sembuwatta Lake, a paradise location with natural spring water, is one of the hill country's main attractions. It is set among the sprawling tea gardens and reflects the beauty of the surroundings. The lovely green mountains with a dense pine forest that tower above the lake are worth the time it takes to climb. There is a pool with natural spring water beside the lake, and there are summer houses and cottages all around this wonderful lake.

How to get to Sembuwatta Lake

The Sembuwaththa Lake is located in Sri Lanka's Alkaduwa tea plantation. Sembuwaththa Lake can be reached via two routes. You can take the Wattegama-Alkaduwa road or the Matale-Alkaduwa road to get there. It is approximately 14 kilometers away from Wattegama.

There are two ways to get there from Kandy. The most scenic route is to travel from Ukuwela junction to Elkaduwa and then take a bus from Ukuwela junction to Elkaduwa. The second option is to travel to Wattegama bus station and take a bus from there to Elkaduwa. The second route is shorter and shorter in distance than the first.

You must take a tuk-tuk from Elkaduwa to Sembuwatta Lake. One way will cost you 400 or 500 rupees. This location is not far from Kandy and will take approximately two hours to reach depending on road conditions. Following Wattegama, the road conditions deteriorate.

The distance from the ticket counter to Sembuwaththa Lake is approximately 1 – 2 kilometers. The lake is located at the summit of the hill. Vehicles are permitted to drive up there.

Location Map to Sembuwatta Lake

Sembuwatta Lake ticket price

The ticket counter at the Tea Factory's entrance. You should purchase a ticket to the entrance from the Alkaduwa estate's ticket counter. A local visitor's ticket costs 200 LKR.

Learn before you go to Sembuwatta Lake

It will be simple if you have four-wheel-drive vehicles. But I travel twice to the top of Sembuwatta Lake in a Toyota Aqua with a low body kit.