Beruwatte Ella Falls

Beruwatte Ella Falls

Beruwatte Ella Falls, which stands 50 m (164 ft) tall and is surrounded by tea plantations and a plethora of mountainous flora and fauna, is formed by the confluence of several brooks that originate on the Rakshagala Mountain.

BY Palitha Weerawansa
PUBLISHED ON April 28, 2021 | LAST MODIFIED ON August 28, 2021

The fall's cascading waters have been poetically compared to pure white cotton and a length of loosened hair flowing from a fairy in the heavens, free to be combed.

At the base of the fall, there is a rock that provides an ideal spot for quiet contemplation, as well as a pool is known as the Beruwatte Villa, from which two brooks flow into the Wevel Dola stream. This stream merges with the Alupola Dola and the Ravula Dola before emptying into the Mahaweli River near Malwala. The Balakotunna mountain range and the Mahalassa estate can both be seen from the elevated ground near the fall. The land surrounding the fall has been degraded as a result of illegal gem pits. The nearby village is home to approximately 130 families whose primary means of subsistence are gemming and the cultivation of crops such as Pepper, Chilies, and Goraka (Garcinia spp).

Route to Beruwatte Ella Falls

The waterfall is in the Ratnapura District. From Ratnapura town, take the Wevelwatte junction towards Balangoda for 1.5 km, then turn right at the tea estate. To reach the fall, walk for about 100m along the track adjacent to the estate.

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