Alupola Ella Falls

Alupola Ella Falls

Alupola Ella Falls is 60 m (197 ft) high, and the name is derived from a nearby tea estate. It is served by a brook that begins at Kalugaldova on the southern slope of the Bathurugala Mountain, which is 1,047 m (3,435 ft) high.

BY Palitha Weerawansa

After being joined by numerous other small brooks, the water winds its way through the mountain jungles to Wewell Dola, where it joins the Walawe River. This is met by the Heendole stream before forming the elegant fall.

Elk, Sambur Deer, Wild Boar, and Reptiles live in the upper reaches of the Alupola Ella waterfall. Water leeches abound in the lower reaches. Following that, the water cascades from a rocky ridge, creating the small Halketiya Falls.

Route to Alupola Ella Falls

Ratnapura is the closest city to the fall, which is located on a tea estate bordering the Sri Pada Wilderness Sanctuary. Take the road from Ratnapura to Bambarakotuwa and Wewelwatta, then through lush plantations and the villages of Kudamagaka, Ravuladola, Pollwatte, and Rilegama until you reach the summit junctions of Egarasland and Halwatura. Turn left here and follow the short, winding road to the twin falls. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is the best mode of transportation due to the difficult terrain.

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