Danigala Circular rock is also known as Kandegama rock and Alien mountain. It lies near Aralaganwila in the Polonnaruwa district of Sri Lanka. The height of the Danigala mountain is 280 m (919 ft).

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PUBLISHED ON March 4, 2021 | LAST MODIFIED ON June 4, 2021

The most breathtaking place that is hidden from humans. The beauty of the valley is setting enhanced by the fog with a stunning 360-degree view set. As seen from above, it resembles an airport used to land alien spacecraft. From the top of the Danigala mountain range, you can see Pamburugala Kanda, Amunugala Kanda, Hikkagala Kanda, and Henanigala mountain ranges. Climbing Danigala Rock is a most challenging mountaineering experience.

Danigala rock is an archeology reserve situated at the border of Maduru Oya. Danigala and Kamburagala rocks are supporting to the Maduru Oya dam. While Danigala / Kandegama rock lies in the Polonnaruwa district, Kamburagala rock lies in the Ampara district. Maduru Oya is the boundary of the Polonnaruwa and Ampara districts.

How to get to Danigala

Kandegama can be reached from Colombo via Kandy and Mahiyanganaya, then via Dehiattakandiya and Aralaganwila.

History of Danigala

Danagala and Danawanagala are other adjoined mountains to the Danigala Mountain range. It has a history dating back to the third century BC. It is said that this was held as Ravana's aviation administration building. A wide field of view is available from here. As a result, it is easier to send signals to aircraft. It's impossible to believe that this stone formed spontaneously. There are hints in the caves below where an elevator and an elevated tunnel system once existed. They go all the way to Wariyapola.

It is said that King Ravana had stored his treasure here. Following a war, an airstrike on the treasury dispersed the object, making it look as if money was scattered all over the rock. It has evolved into a Danawanagala rock.

Location Map to Danigala

Alien Mountain

According to the villagers, the mountain glows on full moon days because of the Thiruvana rock column that forms the top of the circular hill.

Since it is thought to be an alien occurrence, this rock is also known as the Alien Mountain. At the end is a beautiful plain where the possibility of alien spacecraft is not entirely ruled out. A curious topography can be seen in the village of Kandegama, but no systematic research has been performed on it so far.

There are several statues of the reclining Buddha in a drip-lined cave complex in the center of the forest road. The sleeping statue is devoid of the ahead. It has fallen victim to treasure hunters.

How this spot came to be in the middle of a gorge in the middle of a stunning woodland road is still a mystery.

Learn before you go Danigala

It is preferable to begin the journey after telling the temple monks.

We have compiled all of the necessary details about Danigala for you here.

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