Green valley of Pitawala Pathana in Rivrston
Green valley of Pitawala Pathana in Rivrston

Pitawala Pathana

Pitawala Pathana in Rivrston is an uncommon form of Grassland (Pathana) that can only be found in Sri Lanka. Pitawala Pathana is a major gateway to the Knuckles Mountain Range. It is the Knuckles Reserve's northern entry.

BY Palitha Weerawansa
PUBLISHED ON May 18, 2021 | LAST MODIFIED ON June 4, 2021

Who likes to unwind in the freezing conditions of "Heaven on Earth"?Riverston, located in the Knuckles Mountain Range, is one of the most prominent, stunning, and “easy to get to” hilltops.

Pitawala Pathana is the location you're looking for; it's a big grassland similar to the Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka that covers around 10ha. However, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) states that this is a special kind of grassland (Pathana) that is not found anywhere else in the world. It is also really well for the climate. A grass layer covers the majority of the region. This field also contains isolated and dispersed trees, shrubs, and rocks.

This region is rich in biodiversity, with unique and endangered flora and fauna. Some of the tops are set aside for contact towers and are off-limits to outsiders. The wind distance and breathtaking panoramic views of the spectacular scenery can be experienced here.

Pitawala Pathana

There are only a few water sources, but they are home to a variety of endemic and uncommon plants. There are also a few waterfalls in the town, such as Sera Ella, Bambarakiri Ella, and others.

How to get to Pitawala Pathana

There are three major approaches to this location. The Matale-Rattota Route is the most popular and straightforward. The distance from Matale is approximately 31 kilometers. You can also get here from Dambulla or Mahiyanganaya (via the Dambulla – Mahiyangana road). This path passes through Pallegama. The Illukkubura path must be taken from there.

Location Map to Pitawala Pathana

Pitawala Pathana Mini World’s End

The other draw in this location is Mini World's End. This is approximately 700m from the entrance stage. It is a massive sheer cliff at one end of the Pitawala Pathana. The view from here is breathtaking.

Pitawala Pathana

Pitawala Pathana Opening Time

Pathana Pitawala opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m.

Best time to visit the Pitawala Pathana

Much of the year, it is fogged in, which is normal in the Knuckles Mountains, and the weather is often cool and breezy. If you go between January and March, you'll have a less rainy walk.

Pitawala Pathana ticket price

To access this section, you must first obtain a ticket from the entrance stage. Locals pay 25 LKR for the ticket.

Learn before you go Pitawala Pathana

Vehicles are not permitted here, so you can park and walk to the top through a pigmy-type woodland.

It's also a smart idea to bring a raincoat or other waterproof clothing in case of heavy downpours in Pitawala Pathana.

This is a highly important ecological environment that must be safeguarded, and everyone must do so.

Just "Bring memories and pictures" if you go. "Leave nothing but footprints."

Especially: Plastic and polythene should be avoided.

We have compiled all of the necessary details about Pitawala Pathana for you here.

Please help to keep the environment clean.

Please do not leave any plastic, bottles, paper, or food at the venue, and please bring anything you take with you. If you see any trash thrown around, could you please take a few moments to clean it up?

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