Yahangala mountain is also known as Bed Rock Mountain is located in Sri Lanka's central highlands on the eastern edge of the Knuckles Mountain Range. The Yahangala mountain rises 1,220 m above sea level (4,003 ft).

BY Palitha Weerawansa
PUBLISHED ON March 2, 2021 | LAST MODIFIED ON June 4, 2021

To begin with, according to tradition, Yahangala is the location where the mighty king Ravana sleeps till he awakens. This location is also said to be guarded by the deity "Gale Bandara." This is a spot where visitors must come with good intentions since there have been several occasions when the environment or spiritual powers have punished visitors who arrived with evil intentions, such as elephant attacks, wasp stings, deadly snake bites of many types, and becoming lost. You're good to travel as long as you respect the flora and animals and leave just footprints.

How to get to Yahangala

Kandy is the gateway to Ududumbara and Kaluga. This location has light rain throughout the year, so be prepared. The Kaluga track connects two tracks that travel to the same destination. The first Yahangala board may be seen on the left side of the Dumbara-Kalugala road. There are only a few buses that go from Dumbara to Kaluga. It is usually preferable to employ alternate approaches and to begin early in the morning.

Because the popular (and simpler) track is Yahangala, it is best to get advice from locals while deciding on a route. If you intend to travel through Kehelpathdoruwa, you should do so since the view is nicer and the height is higher than that of Yahangala. Even several locals are unaware of Kehelpathdoruwa's existence. Be cautious if they send you to the Yahangala immediately.

Location Map to Yahangala

Camping at Yahangala

There is no suitable location to cap Yahangala. If you want to spend the night in Yahangala, the best advice is to go to Yahangala before dark and choose a suitable site.

Learn before you go Yahangala

Begin your travel early, as the afternoons may be dark and cloudy.

If you are unfamiliar with pilot trekking and rope climbing, it is best to seek the assistance of a local guide.

Leech protection procedures are recommended.

If you intend to camp there, bring plenty of water. On top of Kehelpathdoruwa or Yahangala, there are no water sources. Some sources may be located underneath and between the mountains, but getting to them was exceedingly difficult.

The peaks are quite windy, cloudy, and wet.

A strong climbing rope, a Machete knife, a GPS tracker, and a map scaled to 1:50000 are all suggested gear.

We have compiled all of the necessary details about Yahangala for you here.

FAQs of Yahangala

Whare is yahangala located?

Yahangala is located in Kaluga, Ududumbara, in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, on the eastern border of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Kandy serves as the entry point to Ududumbara and Kaluga.

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