Lakegala view from Meemure
Lakegala view from Meemure


Lakegala is a Mountain that lies in Meemure and Narangamuwa near the border between Kandy and Matale districts in Sri Lanka. It is a part of the Knuckles mountain range, and the summit elevation is 1,310 m (4,298 ft) high.

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PUBLISHED ON March 2, 2021 | LAST MODIFIED ON June 4, 2021

Lakegala is unquestionably a famous mountain for both domestic and international visitors. The Triangular Mountain, which is unique to Sri Lanka, is a good example of this, and Lakegala is the only mountain where the Rock Climbing Technique is necessary. The best place to see the Lakegala site's triangular shape is in the middle of Meemure village.

The Dumbara Forest Path is from East to West Velangala Kanda, Yahangala, Kehelpathdoruwa, Garadigala, Dumbanagala, and from West to North respectively Aluthgal Kanda, Aliya Watunu Ella, Knuckles Mountain Range, Rilagala Kanda, Selva Kanda, Yakungehela, Gombaniya, Yakungegala, and Kirigalpotta Kanda North. Respectively Thelambugala, Uhunugala, Lakegala, Wamarapugala, Ginikeliya Pathana as well as Sudugala, Lahumanagala, Ratmetiya, Manigala from the west to the east in a catchment area on the northern slope of the Central Province. In addition, there are more than 50 waterfalls and streams such as Garadigala Falls, Bambaragath Oya Falls, Hasalaka Oya Falls, Dust Falls, and Huluganga Falls.


Above all, Lakegala in Meemure, the most famous village in Knuckles, is a mountain that everyone loves to see. At first glance, the triangular mountain can only be climbed on one foot, but Lakegala is a climbable mountain. Behind Lakegala, which is visible to Meemure, there is another mountain attached to it. It is Meeriyagolla and the other mountain attached to it is the Komalewa Rock. The people of Narangamuwa call it Narangamuwa Lakegala as the rock of Komalewa faces the village of Narangamuwa. These three mountains are commonly referred to as Gal Thuna (Three Rocks) because they are joined together. All three of these rocks will undoubtedly have a very beautiful view when viewed from all four directions in Knuckles. Namely from Yahangala, Wamarapugala, Alugal Kanda and Thunhisgala. The most beautiful view is from the top of the Thunhisgala. Most people are not aware that Meemure Lakegala has another similar pair of mountains and has not seen the same trinity anywhere else.


Knuckles is a forest in the Central Province but is located in both Kandy and Matale districts. Meemure Village is bordering on these two districts, but it belongs to the Matale district.

Lakegala view from Atanwala
Lakegala view from Atanwala

Climbing Lakegala from the Narangamuwa side means climbing nearly 70 degrees. Although ropes should be used for this purpose, no one has fixed the ropes permanently. So even if they go with a village guide they will have to climb to the top of the mountain to tie the ropes.

How to get to Narangamuwa Lakegala

From Matale, take the Rattota Road past Rivaston and Pitawala to Pallegama via Laggala, cross the Narangamuwa Road, pass Ranamure village, and come to a halt in front of the Narangamuwa Temple. You can access the forest by passing through the Narangamuwa paddy field.

Narangamuwa Village

Narangamuwa in the Matale District, unlike Meemure, is not a popular tourist destination. Most of the year, the weather is extremely dry, and wind gusts are extremely strong in this region. Narangamuwa has a stunning view of the Komalewa Rock and the Meeriyagolla mountain range. Because of its shape and height, the mountain can seem difficult to ascend at first. It was followed by Katu Kitule Kanda or Wamarapugala, which is a gateway to the Doovili Ella chain and the Ginikeliya Pathana. There is a footpath that connects Narangamuwa and Meemure, but it is mainly used by villagers.

Lakegala view from Narangamuwa
Lakegala view from Narangamuwa

The mountain between Meemure Lakegala and Narangamuwe Lakegala is known as Meeriyagolla Mountain. Since it can only be viewed from 360 degrees, this mountain is more breathtaking. Wamarapugala, Yahangala, Usunugala, Thehelugala, Kehel Path Dorawa, Dumbanagala Alugalkanda Thunsegala, Sudu Gala, Manigala, Gal Dobokka, Narangamuwa, Dambahi, Kumbura and many other villages beyond the hill. The extent was known.

History of Lakegala

The name became Lakegala in several ways. There is a legendary story of the great king Ravana times Lakegala mountain is the highest mountain seen on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Ancient sailors have sailed their ships by aiming Lakegala to the eastern ports of Sri Lanka. Ilakka Gala became Lakegala. And another one is the word Lanka Gala became Lakegala.

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Learn before you go Lakegala

Climbing Lakegala from the Meemure side is a thrilling experience that necessitates the use of a trained solo climbing guide.It's a nearly two-day trip, so make sure to bring anything you'll need for camping and climbing.

From the Narangamuwa side of Lakegala, climbing is easier than from the Meemure side.

Especially: Plastic and polythene should be avoided.

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