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Ravana Falls
The real Ravana Falls lies on top of the Bamabaragama Falls, and Ravana Ella is not visible to the Ella - Wellawaya road. Bamabaragama Ella is the correct name for the waterfall by the road.
Huluganga Ella Waterfall
Huluganga Ella Waterfall is formed by a stream that flows from the Knuckles mountain range. The fall is located near Panwila in Kandy District, below the town of Hulu River.
Warnagala Falls
Warnagala Falls lies behind the Warnagala Ambalama. Kuru Ganga sculpted Warnagala Falls. Its height is stated to be 40m (131 ft), and the name Warnagala is most likely derived from colored bedrock con...
Kunudiya Parwathaya
Kunudiya Parwathaya is a mountain with an unusual shape located in Peak Wilderness, close to the Kuruwita-Erathna Sri Pada route. It stands at a height of 1,580 m (5,184 ft).
St. Clair's Falls
St. Clair's Falls is 80 m (262 ft) high and one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, also known as the "Little Niagara of Sri Lanka".
Thalagune Ella Falls
Thalagune Ella Falls or Kalugala Hulan Ella lies between the Ududumbara and Kalugala in the Kandy district in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Its height is 80 m (262 ft).
Pulun Ella Falls
Pulun Ella Falls 86 m (282 ft) high and 12 m (39 ft) wide. Pulun Ella waterall falls from Sigapulikande Mountain in the Ratnapura District in Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka.
Devon Falls
Devon Falls is also known as the Veil of the Valley, is 97 m (318 ft) high. It lies on the A7 highway 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) west of Talawakele in the Nuwara Eliya District Central of Sri Lanka.
Nakkavita Ella Falls
Nakkavita Ella Falls on Mahagal Oya (river) flows over a stone slab on the western slope of the 718 m (2,356 ft) high Higurangala Mountain. The height of the Nakkavita Ella waterfall is 100 m (328 ft)...
Galdola Ella falls
Galdola Ella falls fed by a tributary of the Rakwana River, which flows down the eastern slope of Suriyakanda Mountain lies in the Sinharaja forest reserve. The height of the Galdola Ella waterfall is...
Eli Hatha Falls
Eli Hatha Falls on the Naya River in the Sri Pada Nature Reserve. It is a series of seven waterfalls 100 m (328 ft) high. Eli Hatha Falls lies in Ihala (Uda) Maliboda access from Deraniyagala in the K...
Pudalu Oya Ella (Dunsinane Falls)
Dunsinane Falls or Pudalu Oya Ella lies between two tea estates Dunsinane Estate and Sheen Estate in Nuwara Eliya district in Central Sri Lanka. It is created by the Pundalu Oya river that is a tribut...
Rathna Ella Falls
Rathna Ella Falls or Navarathna Ella is the tallest in the Kandy district at 101 m (331 ft) high. It lies in Hasalaka in the Kandy district in Central Sri Lanka.
Marine National Parks in Sri Lanka
Marine National Parks in Sri Lanka is a fascinating underwater life existence. There are three Marine National Parks to protect marine species and corals.
Pidurangala Rock
Pidurangala is a giant rock that has an impressive 360-degree view and is located in the Pidurangala Buddhist Temple, which is located opposite the world-famous Sigiriya Lion Rock.
Yakungegala is a mountain in the Knuckles forest reserve at the summit elevation of 1,586 m (5,203 ft) high. Yakungegala mountain lies next to the Gombaniya mountain near Allakolla Estate at Hulu Gang...
Gombaniya is the highest mountain in the Knuckles forest reserve at the summit elevation of 1,906 m (6,253 ft) high. Gombaniya mountain lies near Allakolla Estate at Hulu Ganga in Kandy district in th...
Dambulla Cave Temple
Dambulla Cave Temple is also known as the Mahavamsa Jambukola Viharaya (Jambukola Temple), was constructed under a massive gneiss boulder with a height of 183 m (600 ft) and a length of 610 m (2,000 f...
Shanthipura View Point
Shanthipura View Point is located in Shanthipura village, and it is the highest village on the entire island, located at an altitude of 2,237 m (7,339 ft) on the Kikiliyamana Mountain road from Nuwara...
Ravana Cave
Ravana Cave lies 1,370 m (4,490 ft) above sea level on the foundation of a brae. The cave is located about 2 km from the Ella (Ella - Wellawaya road) in Badulla district in the Uva province of Sri Lan...